Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I'm back again.

Clearly, I am not good at blogging. Perhaps I take too much time to read everyone elses blog which I find way more interesting than my own. So, to my two followers here is a new post. I know my last post was a while back and I am sad to report that my "nesting, cleaning, awesome homemaker" phase has bid me goodbye.

On a different note altogether, I have been one crafty lady. Wreath making is back in full swing and I'm planning a co-ed "Baby Q" shower for my best friend and her husband. They're having a baby girl in August. To say that I am excited doesn't even come close to describing my feelings on this. Ive made more tissue paper flowers than necessary. Thank you Martha Stewart. Poor Jesse is surrounded by paisley and pink. Our kitchen table has become my workstation and he has been most gracious about it. I'll post some pictures of the inspiration for the shower and then you can see how it all turns out in the end. I've decided I would love to be a small event planner. Just on the side. There are a lot of things I would love to do and be. Here are some of the latest pics....

The wreath for the front door of the baby shower for Lori & Lucas. I took a grapevine wreath and glued  burlap (in a roll from Michael's) down the center. On top of that I layered turqouise & burnt orange tulle to make it pop a bit. The letter is painted pale yellow and brushed with white for a distressed look.  Most of the flowers are from tissue paper and the others are from Hobby Lobby.

Our summer wreath. I was in the mood for simple and fresh.

Now, I'm really about to jump topics. Jesse and I have been talking about what God wants us to accomplish as a young married couple. The past year and a half has been focused on adjusting to newlywed life. Now that things have settled a bit as far as adjusting goes, I realized that we haven't prayed specifically about our purpose. Ive felt a tugging at my heart lately about that. If I am not involved in something that makes a difference in someone else's life it starts to wear on me. I miss missions, I miss working with kids, I miss feeling selfless. Finding the balance is difficult for me. I need to realize that "purpose" is a vast word with vast meanings. I was telling Jesse that if I were to go to heaven right now and stand before the Lord as he asked me "What did you do with your life after the mission field?" I would have nothing to say. That makes me hurt. Again the balance thing comes in. I don't have to forsake my entire life and go back to India to make a difference. Loving people is what its about. All I know is that if we seek the Lord he will show us what he desires us to do. Whatever that may be.

Monday, January 18, 2010

nesting. cleaning. nesting.

Something is up and I am not sure what it is. Typically I am not the go-go wife that has all of the laundry done the second it hits the hamper. I do it once or twice a week and Jesse and I give the house a good cleaning once a week or so. Now, every once in a while I will have the gumption to do it all every other day and make sure it is spick and span for a few days. Obviously.....this passes after about day three. Im on week one of this obsession to nest and clean. I have made a new wreath, new centerpieces, started making our bed every single morning, caught up all of our laundry to the point we have run out of hangers, painted a "chalkboard" wall in our kitchen, cleaned baseboards, went to the dry cleaners....etc etc. I am not complaining however, what has gotten into me? I am not pregnant. (I usually check and double check and rule out this option every single month). Why I still worry about that I don't know. I sure hope this gumption stays for a while. I like being able to have people over anytime and not worry about the house being messy. Not that people are knocking down our door to come over but it is a nice thought. :)

My coffee table centerpieces.

Saw this moss ball centerpiece at IO Metro on SALE for $100...I made it for $25. :)

January wreath. I'm feeling woodsy these days.

Our chalkboard wall. Please excuse the shrimp & grits/pralines comment.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fresh Energy

There are a few facts that I am going to disclose. I figured that the start of a new year merited a few confessions and resolutions! First, I am a blog stalker. I love looking at peoples blogs...mainly because it is fun to get lost in someone else's life for a while and also because I love pictures...other people's pictures. Okay, now that I am a certified self-confessed stalker we can move on.

Now, I am inspired to keep up with my blog. If other people can do it amid a busy schedule then so can I. I vow to keep up with this blog over this year and hopefully someone will read it to make it worthwhile!

Last year was literally a whirlwind....I am sure that most of you feel the same. Isn't that always how it is though? I have noticed that Jesse and I don't experience major life changes in even strides like most people seem to. It all happens at once in quite a short period of time....for instance-2008: Engagement, Graduate from college, Travel overseas for a month, Move twice, Start a new job, Get Married. All from April-November 2008. Now for 2009: Decide to start our own business, Jesse quits his job, We actually start our own business, Decide to buy a house, Actually buy a house, Move again, I go part time at my job to work on our business from home, We pass our first year of marriage. Whew! 2010: ??? Well since were only 8 days into 2010 I don't have a list of crazy changes to name off yet.

I am happy and settled and rather hopeful for this year's happenings.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We put an offer on our first home this evening. All of this transpired this week, so I don't feel like it is real quite yet. Were having an extra window added to the Master bedroom so that is why we had to decide on it this week. It should be ready in August so we will be moving in between August and November. Its an attached patio home but it feels like a condo. I will post some pictures soon! I'm really excited....its ours and we can actually stay there for longer than a year! We haven't been able to do that in years. Between the two of us we have moved 20 times since we left home for college in 2002. As you can imagine, we are ready to settle down.

We will be there for at least three years and then after that who knows?!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

First Day

So, I decided to join in and start this blogging business. I have no idea what I am doing and am fortunate to know how to copy and paste a background on this thing. There will be more to come...I promise!